lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Life was better 500 years ago. Agree or disagree?

Could you imagine yourself living 500 years ago?
Some  people agree life was better in those times, some people (like me) disagree about it. (Hi five!) 
And you, Agree? Disagree?

Of course, every generation has it pros and cons. For example, 500 years ago, technological advances weren't like what we have now. People were more polite than most of our generation is. Life could be exciting as their way, but for us now, that means life was a little  bored.

Fistly, life is more exciting now because we have more entertainment options. 500 years ago, you could only talk with your family for entertainment (Já, so much fun isn't it? xD ), well and I don't know what other things they could do years back. Today with so many techonological advances, we have many entertain options. For example, what if you want visit Japan, or some island, India, Europe? You just need money in your pocket, papers and done! (I'm poor :( ) Maybe 500 years ago, you need a horse? or walk! (that's why people were in fit :D )

Secondly, due to the fact that there weren't any technological advances, people were more united. This means that people were more thustworthy, and that they could enjoy being with family more often. Today, howewer, things have changed. For example, since my friend has a new toy, (she got a new "celphone") and that makes that I am the ignored by her! We go to eat, and PUM! all the celphones are out. Everyone is glued to their cellphone!  Would you enjoy spending time with your friends this way? ME NO! (I know, is: "I don't"  but it sounds more funny haha)
And what about letters? I am that kind of person who LOVES receive a letter from a friend that is far from me. But all this resumes in calls, texts, social networks, and no real time spending!

In conclusion, techonologycal advances have made life easier, and far from our loving ones. Due to the fact of that, more entertainament options are available now than 500 years ago. Technological advances have also led to more efficient communication around the world. Thus, would you still think that life was better 500 years ago?